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The Big Cats The Paintings of Guy Coheleach -Collectors Edition Plates and Books
The Big Cats
The Paintings of Guy Coheleach
The Big Cats: The Paintings of Guy Coheleach

Lion. Tiger. Puma. Cheetah. Leopard. Clouded leopard. Snow leopard. Jaguar. These are the big cats, among the world's most marvelous creatures. Their grace and beauty are portrayed here by Guy Coheleach, one of the finest wildlife painters of our time.

Coheleach travels the world over to capture the sometimes startling - and always fascinating - passages of a big cat's life, from cub to adult - playing and learning, stalking its prey, lying in ambush, nurturing its young, cuddling its mate. Coheleach's paintings and drawings tell a story of universal beauty and appeal.

Why do some cats roar and others only purr? What makes the cheetah the fastest mammal on earth? Why is the puma, once found across the United States, now nearly extinct east of the Mississippi? What makes men go off in search of the rare and mysterious snow leopard?

The text accompanying these splendid portraits answers these questions and more, combining scholarly accuracy with a rare readability. Zoologist and paleontologist Nancy Neff, a leading expert on the feline species, traces the evolutionary basis for the structure and behavior of each cat. She explores the intriguing set of movements constituting the predatory attack, the facts that give rise to the cats' unusual coat patterns, the reasons they have come to live in the specific regions of the world they do, and the lore that has grown up around them.

Roger Caras, wildlife expert and author of many nature books, introduces this sumptuous volume, writing perceptively of Coheleach the artist stalking his prey, the big cats.

Maps detailing the cats' past and present distribution, charts that graphically present the important facts of each group, a glossary of terms, and an index add to the book's dazzling colorplates and evocative drawings, providing invaluable aids to anyone interested in the big cats.

Here is a volume that combines the beauties of art and nature with impeccable scholarship.

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