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"Bongo" 18" x 24" -AFRICAN GAME
18" x 24"

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BONGO 1984 18X24 (L/E 850)

The bongo is a very elusive antelope of the Central African rain forests. This painting shows one preening in the heat of the day at a stream after satisfying its thirsts. "This is the way I like to paint. The sun is directly overhead. It is hot, and you know it's hot. The bongo is standing in the stream. The strong shadows denote heat, but also provide, along with the vegetation, a nice contrast that accents the animal's colors." More than just placing the animal in its habitat, Coheleach reveals its character. The secretive, reclusive, shadowy mood of this painting reflects the bongo's legendary elusiveness. This particular bongo, however, has been seen by thousands since it was published by the Dallas Safari Club in 1986.

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