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"Neck & Neck" 12" x 21" -AFRICAN GAME
"Neck & Neck"
12" x 21"

K & K's Secondary Print Market Price!
NECK NECK, GIRAFFE 1984 12X21 (L/E 4,000)

'Neck and Neck' was conceived at a Kenya game park, where Coheleach watched two giraffes stroll up to a stone and concrete wall, then extend their long necks to feed on succulent green vegetation several feet beyond the barrier. "I had always wanted to paint giraffes, particularly in a long, horizontal format. Suddenly, here was the design I had been looking for. I sketched the animals, then did the finished painting back home." In the mixed-media painting, Coheleach has contrasted the warm, reddish colors of the giraffes with the cool, purplish and gray background of the sky. The line of clouds keeps the eye moving to the right, since all the rendering is on the left.

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