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"Red Shafted Flicker" 16" x 20" -BIRDS OF ALL KINDS
"Red Shafted Flicker"
16" x 20"

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When painting a detailed portrait such as this, Coheleach prefers to work from study skins rather than taxidermy mounts or photographs. "There's a danger in working with mounted birds and mammals because the taxidermist may have arranged the creature in a shape that is inaccurate. You don't want to be influenced by someone else's interpretation of how an animal should look. The red-shafted flicker is a common bird in the West; the fact that it is common and that many people have seen it and know its characteristics, makes it even more important to be absolutely certain of your facts. And the way to be certain of its colors and plumage is to get the actual bird and study it."

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