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"Siberian Chase" 10 X 20 -TIGERS OF THE WORLD
"Siberian Chase"
10 X 20

K & K's Secondary Print Market Price!
SIBERIAN CHASE 1979 26X15 (L/E 850)

"I have many favorite paintings. Some I like for their grandeur, others for their subtlety. There are those I prefer for their mood or detail; others for their painterliness. 'Siberian Chase' stands out because it became my favorite print. It proved to me that collectors of wildlife art will buy something other than pieces with fur and feathers rendered in meticulous detail. I have always liked to work impressionistically, but I had never had the nerve to print such a painting. 'Siberian Chase' was proof that at least some buyers were ready for more fine art in their limited edition prints. I am sure there are better works of art among my paintings, but there is none I remember as fondly."

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