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"Jewels of the Lake" 30 X 40 -WATER BIRDS
"Jewels of the Lake"
30 X 40

K & K's Secondary Print Market Price!
JEWELS OF THE LAKE 1991 19X25 (L/E 950)

Although common loons are a very popular subject for wildlife prints, Coheleach has not painted many and this is his only loon print. The painting was created specifically for a print. When a painting is intended from the start for print reproduction, Coheleach almost always uses acrylic on board, 30 x 40. In this case, the challenge was to paint a loon unlike all the other loons on the market. "Most renderings of loons have them floating along on a glassy lake. What I painted is a common enough pose for loons, but there are not many photographs of them doing this. To paint them accurately in this pose, you have to sit down with the study skins and the bones, spread them out and draw them vey carefully." The result of this extra effort is a most dramatic and beautiful loon painting.

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