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Masters of the Wild - Coheleach -Collectors Edition Plates and Books
Masters of the Wild - Coheleach
Masters of the Wild - Coheleach

During his three decades as a wildlife artist, Guy Coheleach, it seems, has been everywhere and done everything. His record of achievement reads like an entry in Who's Who. He has been honored as an artist on every continent. Noted naturalist / artist Roger Tory Peterson describes him as a "renaissance man," and in 1977 the College of William and Mary awarded him an honorary doctorate of arts.

These are the trappings of an artist who has arrived, yet Coheleach approaches his work with the enthusiasm and curiosity of someone just starting out, searching for a style truly his own.

Beginning as a painter of birds, Coheleach became noted for his detailed and dramatic renderings of birds of prey, especially the bald eagle. Prints of his bald eagle have been presented by the President of the United States to visiting heads of state.

In the mid-1960s he discovered the life and death drama on the plains of Africa. With insight gained from harrowing experiences with elephants and Cape buffalo, and with skill derived from a lifetime dedication to art, Coheleach has become one of the foremost painters of African animals.

And yet, he says, "I really do not think I have found my niche yet."

Now, through the revealing text of Terry Wieland and in the dozens of fascinating sketches and 108 magnificent color plates that follow, join the talented artist in his 30-year search for excellence. It's a journey you will never forget.

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